Thursday, July 18th, 2013

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SDCC Update: A. arrived safe and sound! And exhausted. While I do envy her train trip across the country, I think three days of traveling that way has its own stresses and tiring aspects, and I'm feeling very lucky that I live in San Diego right now.

~ The area outside of the Convention Center continues to get larger and larger. (Realistically, at this point, I'm starting to think that you can make a day of it even without a ticket to the Con itself.) There's an Adult Swim bouncy castle, a Hello Kitty merchandise installation next to the Silver Samurai armor from the upcoming Wolverine movie, and two Justice-League-themed Kias. (The Flash makes sense. Aquaman does not.) Over next to the Hilton, there are five inflatables of the Teen Titans characters, a Lego Hobbit village, and the Scooby Doo Mystery Machine van. I've haven't even gotten up to other side of the center yet, but there's a huge Ender's Game pavilion, and a food truck area.

~ I have the only item of swag that I wanted: a Mockingjay lapel pin that is actually quite stylish for something free. That said, I stood in line for half an hour to get it, and I'm DONE with standing in lines for stuff. My policy from here on out is if it's easily available and it's something I want, great, but if not, THE HELL WITH IT.

~Cartoon Network has an Adventure Time installation that I need to get close to so that I can photograph it. :D

Photos to follow later when I'm not on a limited timeline. I've seen some adorable kids' costumes, but the best was a sleepy, three-year-old Thor chewing on the handle of Mjolnir.

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