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For day 13 of Fandom Snowflake, we're reccing things! XD

Infinite New Possibilities, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, with about a billion spoilers for the entire movie, rated General but with warnings for mentions of past torture. This work is what I go to fanfic for: it's filling in the blanks of what was missing during the movie; it gives us more character development for almost everyone who I care about, and the first chapter contains a lovely, touching scene where Poe gives Rey a tour of the Resistance base, and the two of them talk about what's to come. I haven't read the second two chapters yet, but I'm really impressed with the way the first part went, and I'm glad to recommend it.

Edited to add: The Force Awakens as an adorable manga-esque High school AU. This may just be the most adorable thing I've ever seen. It fits in with emo!Kylo Ren's twitter account nicely, too.

The Please Help Me Cosplay! tumblr is still chugging along, and there's a comprehensive list in the top entry right now that gives a ton of book and website references for everything from homemade foam armor to costume patterns.

American Captain is a diary comic about Steve Rogers' experiences in The Avengers and beyond. It's a rocky story: Steve struggles with PTSD and survivor's guilt; 2010 is alternately amazing and terrifying; and his new teammates are supportive but often confusing. I like how small it feels, and I don't mean small as in insignificant or stupid, but it feels small and right, the way things would if your universe suddenly exploded and reformed itself into something sort of familiar but not really. Such a great fan comic.

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In your own space, post recs for at least three fanworks that you did not create.

With the demise/retiring of the marvelous rec com Crack_van, over on LJ, I've been doing a little less fanfic reading than I'd like. But I have favorites that I revisit, including, first and foremost, the wonderfully hilarious In Which John is a BAMFy MoFo, OMG!, a Sherlock parody that I save for days when I'm sad and need cheering up. I don't want to spoil what makes it so funny, but suffice it to say, it's nice to see Inspector Lestrade having the upper hand, just for once, and it's awesome to read about John being a total BAMF, and completely annoying Sherlock just by doing that.

In the realm of fanvids (one of the fanworks that I wish I could create, but haven't had the chance to try yet), there are a bunch of vids that I love and keep revisiting.

Blow, by kuwdora is a great introduction to what makes the cancelled show Sanctuary so awesome and fun: cool characters, monsters of the week, period clothing, and kick-ass, punchy action. This video also went a long way to converting me to Ke$ha fandom, or at least, not total indifference. Kuwdora is a great editor and one of those vidders who makes me green with envy.

Then, there are other fanworks that I keep revisiting because they're this mix of awesomely funny and socially relevant. Serrico's 'Pornstar Dancing' is a great example of this sort of work. The lyrics of the original are just gross, but the images that serrico uses completely subvert them, to perfect, hilarious effect. (Serrico's notes for this video are: "Being a thoughtful, sensitive, and nuanced examination of gendered expressions and characterisations of desire. (Also known as: Let's Objectify Men.)") This is fairly NSFW, both for lyrics and image. Wait until you get home from work to point and laugh.

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