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OMG OMG OMG: longer teaser trailer is here!

*No one appears to be dead (except for those who were already dead, see comments in the Cons section), which is what I thought, so YAY!
*Abby and Crane are back in action together again, and hopefully defeating all evil through shear force of AWESOMENESS. XD
*Jenny appears to have more to do this time around, which is also AWESOME.

*Goddamn zombies. Will this be the season that forces me to confront my phobia? Dammit, people, I didn't feel like doing that this fall. >:{
*Katrina appears to be very much damsel-in-distressed. (Oh, see, I have this pretty necklace for you, why don't you love me and sing in my opera house, oops, wrong media.) Hopefully, this plot line is dispatched IMMEDIATELY and then everything goes back to being awesome.

Aw, Sleepy Hollow, I have missed you so much! Can't wait for the opener.
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Spoilers like whoa. )

On a separate, non-spoilery note, I have never hated commercials as much as I did during the second half of this show. Every exciting moment, every turn and twist of the plot, was ruined when we cut to a car or campaign ad. I'm starting to think that I would actively patronize companies that presented TV shows without commercial interruption.
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Today is the release of my interactive, choose-your-own-path game, Choice of the Ninja! I've been working on this for about two years, and it's finally going live today! CotN is a story where you train as a ninja and complete missions of espionage and assassination; it's up to you whether you decide to be a team player or a ruthless fighter out for your own glory. OMG! I wrote this!

It's available: here, free to play online or pay to download it to your PC or mobile device. The advantages of downloading are that 1) you can save your place if you need to, and 2) I get paid! If you feel like passing this on to any of your friends, please do it! The more downloads we get the first week, the better!

Best Birthday Ever! :D
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In general, things I am loving this year: people and conversations over the most random of things. With a few exceptions, it's been a big fannish love fest so far.

Things I am not loving: The number of zombies and zombie-related crap. And the Christian group that has brought megaphones with them and yells at us every time we go in or out of the convention center about how Jesus Christ died for our sins and we are worshipping false idols. Yesterday, a lone guy tried to engage them in debate by yelling back, "This is NOT the way to convert people!" but had no effect.

Specifically, Thursday: )

And also Friday: )

For those who just want to see the pictures, check them out here.

Tomorrow: Adventure Time panel! I will be in costume all day! Hopefully reconnecting with some friends! Stay tuned!

Comic Con Schedule!

Thursday, June 28th, 2012 02:24 pm
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Thursday: )

Friday: Community & Legend of Korra!!! )

Saturday: Adventure Time! )

Sunday! )

General notes: I will not be doing any Hall H stuff. If Doctor Who is in Hall H, then too bad. I can only handle Ballroom 20 (2,000 of my closest friends are bearable, but 7,500 of them are scary.)

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